SF author L. S. King


Laws and Prophecies

a science fiction novel
by L. S. King

book three of the Sword's Edge Chronicles



From the author:

If this is your first foray into this series, welcome!
I highly recommend backtracking and starting with the first two in the series: Sword's Edge and Children of the Enaisi.
(Dipping into this world's history by reading Unlikely Prophet wouldn't hurt either!)



Confronted with treason, conspiracies, and rebellion, a man is torn between the laws he swore to uphold and the prophecies he seems destined to fulfill.

Laws and Prophecies


The comfort of law and tradition...
The fear of prophecy—
And the change it will usher in. Alcandhor must choose between the two. Either decision brings life or death consequences for himself and others, and a fundamental shift in the lives of his people.
Corruption, treason, and betrayal...
Even among Alcandhor's kin and close friends.
Can he survive? Will he even have the chance to accept or deny the calling awaiting him?


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"Laws and Prophecies...is indeed concerned with the details of laws and prophecies, which fundamentally affect every citizen. I would call it a novel of manners, where social and legal interpretations are essential... [t]here is indeed more to science fiction than pyrotechnics."
- Piers Anthony


"I liked the novel very much. King covered a lot of territory and brought on a number of situations darkly hinted at in the earlier books."
- P.M. Griffin




Thanks to:


Dr. Jonathan Crofts - My Very Own Physicist™ who has patiently waded through my questions and tried valiantly to keep me from breaking the laws of physics. Without him, the technology of this world would be much diminished, although to be honest, his brain would probably be in a much better state if he didnít have my stories twisting his mind into knots.





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