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Below are all the ways you can keep in touch with me, including all the social media sites where I have signed up. My main presence is currently on Facebook, but just in case they nuke my account for not goosestepping to the beat of their drum, or make interaction too difficult, I am becoming more familiar with the other sites, the ones in bold are where I'm most active.
(Yes, so maybe I overdid it in joining the new sites. Heh.)



If you wish to schedule an event such as an author signing, an interview, or a podcast chat, please include "Event" in the subject line.

Also, if you're interested in the Discord information for the online fiction writing support group, please indicate this by including "Writing Group" or "Discord" in the subject line. The place is nothing but crickets right now, so why not join us and liven the place up!

Thank you.



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