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A science fiction fan since she was a wee babe, L.S. King cut her teeth on Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. She cosplayed before it had a name, creating her own alien outfits back when folks didn't even know what a Trekkie was, and writing fanfic on everything from Batman to Dark Shadows to Star Trek to X-Men and Avengers.


When on the planet, this mother and grandmother enjoys gardening, soap making, reading, and online gaming. She also likes All Things Myst, Middle-earth, Looney Tunes, the color purple, and is a Zorro aficionado, which might explain her love of swords and cloaks.




L.S. has worked as a submissions editor and a copy editor on several magazines, authored a column for new writers, and was a founding editor of the online magazine, Ray Gun Revival, now on hiatus.
She does local writing workshops and currently hosts a fiction writing support group on Discord.


She has books published in two series:


The first is the dangerous and sometimes humorous adventures of a space gunslinger and cowboy from a pioneer planet in the space opera Deuces Wild.


The second are science fiction tales with an epic fantasy feel in the The Sword's Edge Chronicles. Also, a novel entitled Unlikely Prophet, which combines dystopian and colonization elements.


Her short stories have been included in two anthologies of the best short stories and poetry from Double-Edged Publishing, and also in Inkd Publishing's Hidden Villains. And various online magazines have published her stories including Deep Magic, The Sword Review, Dragons, Knights & Angels, Digital Dragon Magazine, and Residential Aliens. The fact that several of the publications which have released her stories are now defunct has nothing to do with her. Honest.





The Reluctant King
Book four of
The Sword's Edge Chronicles
Coming soon!


Sword's Edge Chronicles
ebook Omnibus edition!

Now Available!


Deuces Wild
book four

1000 / 80000


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