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Sword's Edge Chronicles


Epic fantasy with a science fiction twist


The portal has long closed—severing ties to the aliens who had brought them to this planet. But for the Teldheri people, the consequences of complacency have only just begun.
In a world where tradition reigns and progress is feared, Alcandhor stands as a beacon of hope. He preaches the importance of learning, of questioning old ways, and of embracing new ideas. However his message is met with fierce opposition, not only from the provincial lords who cling to their power and control but from some of his own clan as well.
As the Teldheri people struggle to find their place in this changing world, ancient places are rediscovered and long-lost artifacts are unearthed, revealing prophecies that could change everything. But with change comes uncertainty, and the fate of their world hangs in the balance. Will Alcandhor's vision for the future be embraced, or will it be crushed by those who fear it?
If you enjoy epic world-building and political intrigue, you'll love this thrilling series of a society on the brink of change.



(stories listed chronologically)

  • Unlikely Prophet
  •   Unlikely Prophet
    the first book in the Sword's Edge Histories
    a prequel of the Sword's Edge Chronicles,which takes place over 1000 years before Sword's Edge


    Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions...
    A toxic atmosphere...
    Security Chief Avadhron's people were forced to retreat to living in domes, but how long can they last? In anger and despair, they turn on each other; riots have broken out and domes are sealed due to clan feuds.
    And now, on top of all their troubles and dangers, a long-dormant portal activates, and an alien arrives.
    Why has the portal activated now? What scheme brings this alien to their world? Can he be trusted?
    Avadhron finds himself called a prophet, expected to help the aliens and to lead the way in bringing his people to safety.
    But is he in time?
    And if so, at what cost?



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    Elyria Map for Unlikely Prophet



  • Alcandhor

    An e-book compiling these three previously published short stories:

    • "Alternate Path" published in Deep Magic, July 2005
    • "Bitter Storm" published in Deep Magic, January 2004
    • "Petition" published in Residential Aliens, November 2010



  • Sword's Edge (book one)
  •   Sword's Edge


    Ripped from her home—
    —thrown into a treacherous world.
    Fifteen year old Tam is caught in a web of schemes to eliminate her family.
    Tragedy strikes—
    Tam's world shatters.
    Devastated by loss, but with determination burning in her heart, she embarks on a perilous quest, aided by a mysterious alien relic. Will this brave girl triumph or will the relentless killers on her trail bring her downfall?
    This captivating story blends peril, intrigue, and adventure into a book you won't be able to put down.


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  • Children of the Enaisi (book two)
  •   Children of the Enaisi


    The world is changing—
    —too fast.
    Changes to tradition and law bring chaotic unrest amidst worries over traitors on the run and murdering bandits eluding capture.
    Mysteries of the past are revealed...
    ...secrets of the present are brought to light.
    Can their world survive even more changes? One person holds the key to reopening the portal, closed for half a millennium. But what lies on the other side? Is it even safe to consider opening it?


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    And in e-book:



  • Laws and Prophecies (book three)
  •   Laws and Prophecies


    The comfort of law and tradition...
    The fear of prophecy—
    And the change it will usher in. Alcandhor must choose between the two. Either decision brings life or death consequences for himself and others, and a fundamental shift in the lives of his people.
    Corruption, treason, and betrayal...
    Even among Alcandhor's kin and close friends.
    Can he survive? Will he even have the chance to accept or deny the calling awaiting him?


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    And in e-book:




    If you haven't yet bought
    Sword's Edge, Children of the Enaisi, and Laws and Prophecies,
    they are now available in an ebook omnibus edition!


  • Sword's Edge Chronicles - Omnibus Edition
  •   Sword's Edge Chronicles Omnibus



  • Teldheri Map
  • Pronunciation Guide


    Thanks to:


    Dr. Jonathan Crofts, who patiently waded through my questions and tried valiantly to keep me from breaking the laws of physics when beginning this series. Without him, the technology of this world would be much diminished.
    Thank you, Jon—I owe you so much!





The Reluctant King
Book four of
The Sword's Edge Chronicles
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Sword's Edge Chronicles
ebook Omnibus edition!

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Deuces Wild
book four

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