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Deuces Wild

by L. S. King



"In DEUCES WILD, L. S. King gives us a fast-moving adventure, told with wit and grace, and more than a dose of humor."
  - Mike Resnick, award-winning SF author



  • Deuces Wild: Beginners' Luck (book one)
  • Deuces Wild: Beginners' Luck


    Slap's ranch was his pride and joy, a place where he could raise his family and live a simple life. But when the notorious gangster Lyssel destroyed everything he held dear, Slap's world was reduced to charred remains. He was left with nothing but a thirst for revenge.

    Tristan, on the other hand, had no attachments or expectations in life. He trusted no one and survived by his wits, finding entertainment in taunting his enemies, especially Lyssel. But when fate brings Slap and Tristan together, they realize they have a common enemy and become unlikely allies.

    Forced to work together against Lyssel and his mob, Slap and Tristan must navigate through danger and betrayal to escape the planet alive. But with their conflicting personalities and mistrust for each other, can they put aside their differences long enough to survive?


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  • Deuces Wild: Stacking the Deck (book two)
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    Tristan is not some hero...
    Or a legitimate business man.

    But his naïve partner, Slap, seems determined to cast him in those roles. To complicate matters, Slap takes a contract to deliver supplies to settlers on a pioneer world, not realizing it would involve running a planetary blockade.

    Galactic mobsters out for revenge...
    Corrupt government agents on a deadly mission...

    Their supply job runs afoul of Tristan's past, and they end up caught between several different groups of adversaries out for his blood.

    Can they possibly outwit and outrun all the factions determined to destroy them?


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  • Deuces Wild: Raising the Stakes (book three)
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    Slap raised his head, his expression haunted. "What have we gotten ourselves into?"
    Tristan felt as drained as Slap looked. "A war. And it seems this war has gotten the attention of gods."


    Who are these beings that protect certain planets?
    Non-corporeal aliens or something more?
    Are they...gods?

    The Confederation is bent on expansion—
    The rest of the galaxy calls it conquest.

    And the planetary gods are fighting back.

    Slap and Tristan are not only caught in the middle of this war, but old enemies still dog Tristan's trail, plotting his demise along with crooked cops, space pirates, and local thugs.

    As if that's not enough trouble, a gorgeous, gun-toting old friend arrives, and she causes distraction at the worst possible time.

    Can Slap and Tristan navigate all the danger and succeed in their mission to stop the Confeds?


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  • "The Grift" published in Digital Dragon Magazine, April 2010

    a stand-alone short story in the Deuces Wild universe


  • "The Last Hurrah" published in The Sword Review, June 2005

    included in Double-Edged Publishing's 'best of' anthology Distant Passages - Volume 1

    this story takes place between at least two thousand years before Slap and Tristan

  • An interview with me during a Ray Gun Radio podcast, which also featured "Boring Ol' Bertha" an audio chapter from Deuces Wild: Beginners' Luck





Deuces Wild is dedicated to the memory of my best friend; my inspiration for an enduring friendship...




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Deuces Wild
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