SF author L. S. King


Unlikely Prophet

a science fiction novel
by L. S. King

a prequel of the Sword's Edge Chronicles taking place one thousand years before Sword's Edge


"This is the heart-stopping history of how those who would become the Rangers and the people they defend came to their world even as their former planet was in her death throes and of their initial meeting with the mysterious Enaisi. The characters are interesting, complex individuals, and King makes her readers care about them and want to learn more of their story."
  - P.M. Griffin, award-winning SF/F author of the Star Commandos series



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Unlikely Prophet


The planet is dying.
Security Chief Avadhron has lost hope.
His people were forced to retreat to living in domes to escape the toxic atmosphere. But between earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, how long can they last? In anger and despair, the people turn on each other. Avadhron struggles to keep order out of a sense of duty, but he has no more optimism than anyone else.
A long-dormant portal activates -
An alien arrives.
Is he truly of the race his people call the Elders? The ones who dumped them on this unstable planet and deserted them?
Although Avadhron doesn't trust this alien or his offers of help, he is reluctantly is forced to back the plan which would move his people through the portal to a new planet, but can they learn the survival skills necessary to live on this new world? And is it already too late? Can they move an entire population before their planet destroys itself?


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Thanks to:


Dr. Jonathan Crofts - My Very Own Physicist™ who has patiently waded through my questions and tried valiantly to keep me from breaking the laws of physics. Without him, the technology of this world would be much diminished, although to be honest, his brain would probably be in a much better state if he didnít have my stories twisting his mind into knots.


C. K. Volnek who designed the cover!





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