Writer's Cramps

"Write it Again, Sam"

by L. S. King

Welcome to the Wonderful World of (re)Writing

A writing friend IMed me not long ago to say, "I'm rewriting the rewritten rewrite of chapter 12."
I nodded to myself. I understood.

But many newer writers don't. Over and over I've heard, "But I've already finished the book! What do you mean I need to work on it some more?" or "But I did one rewrite! How many more will I have to do?"

There are many reasons why writers have to rewrite. Perhaps their craft isn't as honed as it could be, so as they learn how to improve their writing, they find they have to go back and revise. Perhaps crit partners point out inconsistencies in plot. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps - reason after reason.

So how many times will you have to rewrite that manuscript? I'd say don't stop counting till you see it in print.

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